Sales CRM.

Our customers track $100m+ in annual sales via Blue. They use our platform to build a reliable sales pipeline, stay organized, collaborate and move deals forwards.


Sales teams hate complex tools. Blue is easy enough for anyone to use, without training.


Behind the simplicity, Blue is powerful and highly customizable, so it fits like a glove.


Regardless if you're tracking ten customers or a thousand, Blue can handle any workload.

Award-Winning CRM.

The International Business Times ranked Blue in the top 10 CRMs for Small and Medium Businesses. Whatever you're selling — sell more and faster by using Blue to keep track of your deals.

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Build a Reliable Pipeline.

Create your own rock-solid sales process. With Blue, you always have clarity on what's the next steps for your or your team.

  • Clear visual sales process
  • Instantly add or remove steps
  • Use built-in automations to keep sales moving forwards

Make Blue Yours.

Your business is unique, and you need a flexible tool to match. With Blue, you get unlimited custom fields to match the precise nature of your sales and clients.

  • Smart, context-aware fields for all your client details.
  • Instantly add or remove fields.
  • Import and export via CSV 

Grow Your Sales.

Forget about spreadsheet and manual processes, make tracking and growing your sales effortless by using Blue as your Sales CRM.


Track Your Sales on the Go.

Work doesn't only happen at the office. With Blue, never worry about leaving your files the office — as you access all your sales data on the road with the Blue mobile application.

  • Native iOS & Android applications
  • Realtime data at your fingertips.
  • Web, Mac, and Windows apps available.

Collaborate & Move Deals Forward.

It's important to work effectively together when it comes to managing deals. With Blue, every deal has an audit log so you know what happened — and when.

  • Detailed audit log of all changes.
  • Realtime collaboration with team members.
  • Clearly see who's assigned what deals.