Create your own data structure with Custom Fields.

Custom fields are a way to create a custom data structure within Blue that perfectly matches your requirements.

Custom Fields Management
Custom Fields are automatically formatted based on their type.
Over a dozen type of fields to customize your data structure.
Every change is meticulously logged for your review.

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A custom field for every data type.

Blue has dozens of fields available to ensure you can match your specific data type.

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Single Line Text.
A free text field to add any data you need.
Add any URL you need and open it in a new tab in one click.
Choose from dozens of currencies to track your money.
Add multiple files to have a more structured data set.
Get a list of countries that you can select.
Pick any start and end date. Add time and show it on a calendar.
Single & Multi Select.
Create a list and select any items for each record.
Unique ID.
Create a unique ID that you can use to reference records.
Long Text.
A large space to add multi-line text descriptions.
Phone Number.
Automatically formatted phone numbers and one-click calls.
Add structured emails into our dedicated email field.
Add a checkbox that you can use for approvals.
Add numbers with min and max values.
Add a percentage indicator to any record in Blue.
Reference records from other projects.
Lookup data from other records in reference fields.
Calculate the duration of time between events.
Add location data that will then show up on the map view.

Every change to a Custom Field is meticulously logged and auditable.

Blue logs every change to all Custom Fields, ensuring you know who changed what, when.

Time Stamped.
Every change is time stamped so you know when things happened.
Blue informs you who made a specific change to promote accountability.
Time Machine.
See every previous value for every field so you never lose data.
Audit trail of custom field changes screenshot

All Custom Fields are instantly available via our API the moment they are created.

Our API documentation dynamically updates itself based on your custom data structure so you can serve your data to other systems with ease.

Read data in Blue and send it to external applications.
Allows external applications to create new records and modify existing ones.
Blue can send new data and events to external applications automatically.
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Connect to your favorite apps with 5,000+ Integrations.

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Create your dream database.

Every time you create a Custom Field, this becomes a new column in Blue's visual database that you can sort, filter, and manipulate. Think of Excel, but on steroids.

Organize your data into meaningful groups right away.
Filter like a pro.
Filter and logically analyze data like a pro — without any hassle.
Edit records directly from the database and log all changes meticulously.
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