Our vision is to organize the world's work.

Our mission is to provide organizations with a work platform that is simple, fast, and powerful.

6,000+ Organizations.

Thousands of organizations have signed up to Blue to help them run their projects in a better, calmer way.

120+ Countries.

Our customers come from over 120 countries across the world, and we're looking forwards to having customers from even more.

40,000+ Projects.

Tens of thousands of projects rely on Blue to keep things on track — anything from making a website, running a school, or tracking sales.

Small Businesses power the world.

Small businesses help the world go round — they employ a significant amount of the world, contribute hugely to the world economy, and create meaningful work and results.

We build software exclusively for small business owners and teams. We help them streamline their operations and make life easier. We only have one plan that's extremely affordable — so every customer matters to us.

We're fiercely independent and in this for the long-term. We have no financial backing except the subscription fees that our customers freely decide to pay to us, and so we know that we have to prove our value each and every month. We don't have the pressure of venture capital or private equity to grow at all costs, which means we can take a measured approach and simply focus on building the absolute best product that we can — everything else is just noise.

And remember, we're human — so reach out to us! We love having conversations with people all over the world on productivity, team work, business, and strategy.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy using Blue — I know that we enjoy building it!

Stay productive,

Founder of Blue

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Our Values.


Anyone can make things complex. It takes real work to achieve functional simplicity. We always strive to make things as simple as they should be — but no simpler.

Long Term Thinking

Nothing meaningful can be accomplished in the short term. We make decisions with our long-term picture in mind, even if that means hard work upfront.


We value clear ideas that can be communicated easily. If you can't explain it clearly to someone else, you don't really know what you're talking about.

Being Intentional

We are intentional in the way we work. We set ourselves clear goals and gather feedback as we move forwards.

Customer Focus

We're quite flattered that people use the tools we build. We keep the focus on ensuring that our customers have a great experience.

Deep Work

While we value collaboration, we know that innovation requires plenty of time working alone, deep in thought.