Records are your one source of truth for any process.

Records are the fundamental building blocks in Blue that empower you to track and manage a wide range of business elements with unparalleled flexibility. Whether you need to oversee tasks, handle support tickets, manage customer relationships, store employee data, or monitor sales deals, you can do it in Blue.

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Try an interactive Records Demo

Seeing is believing, try out interactive demo to see how records can become your fundamental building blocks.

Organize Your Data with Records.

Centralize your data for accurate, up-to-date information and streamlined workflows.

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Use Custom Fields to make Records tailored for your organization.

Blue has dozens of fields available to ensure you can match your specific data type.

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Single Line Text.
A free text field to add any data you need.
Add any URL you need and open it in a new tab in one click.
Choose from dozens of currencies to track your money.
Add multiple files to have a more structured data set.
Get a list of countries that you can select.
Pick any start and end date. Add time and show it on a calendar.
Single & Multi Select.
Create a list and select any items for each record.
Unique ID.
Create a unique ID that you can use to reference records.
Long Text.
A large space to add multi-line text descriptions.
Phone Number.
Automatically formatted phone numbers and one-click calls.
Add structured emails into our dedicated email field.
Add a checkbox that you can use for approvals.
Add numbers with min and max values.
Add a percentage indicator to any record in Blue.
Reference records from other projects.
Lookup data from other records in reference fields.
Calculate the duration of time between events.
Add location data that will then show up on the map view.

Go beyond the spreadsheet.

We get it — everyone is different. That's why Blue offers multiple options for viewing your data, from traditional databases to calendars, gantt charts, maps, lists, and kanban boards.

Create standardized processes with Boards.

Organize your workplace quickly and easily with process boards — ensuring steps are clear and simple to follow.

Up to 100,000 records per list to track data and process at scale.
Drag and drop records to organize work across all your devices.
Advanced filters, keywords, and tags search keep records organized.
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Manage data at scale with Visual Database.

Eliminate the tedious details and explore your database. Visualize and dissect your data quickly to find what you need.

Organize your data into meaningful groups right away.
Filter and logically analyze data like a pro — without any hassle.
Edit records directly from the database and log all changes meticulously.
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Ensure you're always up to date with Calendars.

Plan your projects and processes with Blue calendars to get a clear overview of what's happening in your organization — then identify bottlenecks before they arise.

View a unified organization calendar to gain a 30,000 foot perspective.
Drag & Drop.
Drag and drop to quickly change dates and keep your project schedule up-to-date.
Sync your Calendar.
Sync all Blue events instantly with your work calendar. We support Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal.
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Monitor everything with Activity & Audit Trails.

Blue creates transparency on what's happened. Monitor activities across workspaces and hold people responsible.

Time Machine.
Instantly go back and see what happened on a given date range.
Organizational Activity.
See a comprehensive overview of activity across all workplaces.
Individual Activity.
Everyone has an individual activity, so you can see who did what.
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