Unlimited everything.

One price that doesn't grow when you do. Keep adding users, projects, and files — and never pay more.

Blue Comes With:

Unlimited Users

Invite as many team members as you like, without worrying about increasing your Blue fees.

Unlimited Projects

Create unlimited projects to logically separate your work and keeps things private.

Unlimited File Storage

Put all your most mission critical files on Blue and enjoy unlimited storage and backups.

All Features

Every single feature is Blue is available, and we update Blue each month with new stuff too!

Price Guarantee

If you sign up, you'll be on this price plan for life, even if the price changes in the future.

No Obligations

No contracts, no obligations. Cancel at any time without being locked in.

Email Support

Email us at help@bloo.io at any time and we'll reply to your questions asap!

Chat Support

If you need even faster support, speak to our team in just a few clicks with live chat support.

Free Onboarding

If you need some help getting started, our team will onboard and train you free of charge.

What our customers say.

"We already started to onboard clients to Blue and haven't even had to show them how to use the app.
It's so simple and understandable — I cannot recommend it enough!"


"Thank you for this beautiful piece of software! Such a rare find & gem — and so aesthetically pleasing to sit in front of for a long time."


"It's simplicity makes it my choice for project management software. Other PM is too complicated, which makes it really difficult for our clients to use."


"I switched from Trello to Blue and never looked back. Blue has a much better design and the cost does not scale up when you add more users."


"Blue has changed the  the way I work with my clients.
It speeds up my project workflows, and it is one of the best software purchases I have ever made."


"Wow! So lets just say that after 30 year in project management, software development, Blue is blowing me away. Its user interface is fantastic and simple to use and understand."


"Blue is soo simple and easy to use, everything is straightforward and up to point. You can get up and running immediately after the on-boarding, no tutorial or guides are needed!"


"Finally, a project management system that I can actually use!"


"Blue has all the features that you would ever need in an easy-to-use format. The support is super prompt and the future is bright"


"Blue exceed our expectations to the point where our organization migrated from Click up to use Blue after doing the free trial and it was the best decision we ever made! "


"I can't even find the words for how much I love Blue. I tried so many apps, searching for the perfect one but Blue is the only one that could do everything I needed WITHOUT confusing the heck out of my clients.


"Blue is the result you'd get if Marie Condo fixed PM tools. Blue has solved a need I had for a tool I could use with staff ranging in ages from 18 to 75!"


Average rating of 5/5 on AlternativeTo