A home for every file with unlimited storage and secure backups.

Use Blue to store your project files and find anything in seconds — never again ask where's that file? again.

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Switch to the modern way to manage project files.

Don't scatter your files across group chats, email, and online file storage — you need one place that is the source of truth for everything related to your project.

Truly Unlimited File Storage? You Bet.

Unlimited project file storage is made possible through intelligent data tiering, which moves older files to cost-effective storage, so you never run out of space.

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Private by default.

Project files are private by default. Only invited members can view them. Your data stays confidential and secure.

Grant or revoke file access anytime. You're in charge.
Generate secure public links. Share files externally with ease.
Default privacy safeguards data. Share selectively when needed.
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File organization, mastered.

Stay on top of your files with Blue's intuitive folder management. Create folders, subfolders, and color-code to your heart's content.

Build a folder structure that fits your needs perfectly.
Use colors to group folders by project, client, or category.
Conquer Clutter.
Effortlessly organize and locate files within nested folders.
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All your data at your fingertips in milliseconds.

Finding files has never been easier. Instantly search across all projects and locate exactly where any document originated.

Lightning Fast.
Powerful search returns results in milliseconds.
Complete Context.
See the full path of a file - which project, record or comment it's linked to.
No More Guessing.
Stop wasting time. Blue surfaces what you need, when you need it.
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Boost your productivity. Start using Blue today.

Blue organizes work, ensuring teams know what to do, how to do it — and why it matters.

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