This is what we're currently working on. If you have ideas or feature requests, feel free to email us at or join our community forum.

System Upgrade.

  • We're upgrading Blue to ensure we can continue to serve our customers for years to come.
  • Another key focus area is to ensure that core features that are used daily have sub 100ms response times — which is faster than a blink of an eye.
  • Vue2 to Vue3 Upgrade
  • Vuetify 2 to Vuetify 3 Upgrade
  • Dependency Updates

Semantic Search.

  • Search based on the meaning of words, not simply keyword matching.
  • So if you search "ocean", then records that contain the word "sea" will also show up in your search results.
  • This will drastically improve the relevance of search results.
  • We will automatically created embeddings of all customer data.
  • This will, in the future, be leveraged for conversational interfaces with the data stored in Blue.

Vendor User Role.

  • A new role called "Vendor".
  • This will, for now, have the same permission as the "Client" role, but will show as vendors.
  • We are doing this because based on our user research, many of our customers invite their vendors into Blue but use the "Client" user role to do so.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • The aim to be able to use Blue without touching your mouse.
  • We will have a shortcut to bring up a cheatsheet of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Configurable shortcuts — if you do not like the standard shortcuts, you can change these and configure ones that you prefer.

Mention User Groups

  • The ability to mention every users in a project, and also specific user roles as well using specially reserved @mentios.
  • @all / @everyone — This will mention all users in a project
  • @team — This will notify all users with the "Team Member" user role
  • @clients — This will notify all users with the "Client" user role
  • @vendors — This will notify all users with the "Vendor" user role
  • @commentonly — This will notify all users with the "Comment Only" user role
  • @viewonly — This will notify all users with the "View Only" user role
  • @{custom user role} — This will be dynamic based on the names of any custom user roles in your project

Multiple Organisational Administrators

  • The ability for the organisation administrator to invite other organisational administrators
  • The ability to add specific emails to be included in invoices (i.e. finance and admin teams). At the moment, customer needs to contact our support team to set this up.

Customizable cards.

  • Choose what you want to display on your card.
  • Show custom field data on the card.