Thousands of successful recruitment are listed in Blue. HR team across the world has been using to track their hiring process and successfully build a team through Blue.


Plan your recruitment process on Blue and build a secure database.


Schedule your meetings, calls, remind your yourself to never miss a meeting.


Create a template to onboard new team members with just a few clicks.

Database View

Database view is perfect for keeping an update on candidates. Plan your team members journey on Blue.

  • Edit Everything— Edit any field directly from the database view without having to go into an individual candidate.
  • Sort — Sort by any column to quickly surface the candidates you need.
  • Group — create groups and subgroups in seconds to organize candidates in new ways.
  • Pin & Resize— Pin columns left or right and resize any column automatically to fit your data.
  • Play with numbers — Select any group of cells that contain numbers to instantly seem sums, averages, means, and more!

WAtch video

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Build a Common Process.

Use Boards to create a flexible and consistent hiring process that makes your company the go-to in your industry.

  • View your recruitment project at a glance.
  • Reach HR team instantly through notifications.
  • Sort and filter by department.

Everything you need, without the complexity.


Create unlimited projects to  separate your work and keeps things private.


Use the board view to create simple and efficient processes in your team.


Each project has a calendar, and we have cross-project calendars for planning.

Activity Feed

Know what's happening, with a live activity feed that shows you everything.


Ping a colleague by mentioning them in any comment.

Smart Notifications

Choose how, when, and where we notify you. You're in control at all times.

Import & Export

Get data in (or out) in minutes with our CSV import and export.

Dark Mode

Working late? No problem, reduce glare and eye strain with dark mode.


Upload an unlimited amount of files to any projects.

Custom Fields

Build your own data structure with over 15 different types of custom fields.


Automate common workflow actions that happen again and again.


Have form data jump directly into Blue! Great for field work, tickets, and sales.


Filter and sort lists to get the precise data set you're looking for, every time.


Add geo-location data and visualize your items on an interactive map.


Make all of your data searchable in seconds, and always find what you need.

Build Your Database.

Keep all your applicants' files and data in one place so you'll always have a record of everything. Applicants that didn't pass a recruitment stage before can be referred for the next job post, you just need to keep the data of what happened.

  • Database view allows you to see everything at a glance.
  • Quickly edit your custom fields for email, phone number, files.
  • Look for candidates email through advance filter.


Work with others and use tools such as Automations to automatically assign candidates to team members based on tags or the current step of the process.

  • Realtime automation across team members.
  • Instantly save 1h/week by automating workflow.
  • Let the Blue bots do the work for you! 

Work On The Go.

With our mobile apps, you can check on the latest status of all the candidates at a moment's notice.

  • Everything is under your fingertips
  • Quickly check any notification while you're on the go.
  • Manage team onboarding remotely