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Increase visibility, automate workflows, and gain real-time insights with powerful dashboards.

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The modern way to manage tickets.

Blue is your one source of truth—making work easier, faster, and better.

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Intake Forms
Easily capture service tickets with customizable forms.
Smart Routing
Automatically assign tickets to the right team members based on input data.
Custom Analytics
Analyze ticket trends and performance with custom reports.
Structured Data
Utilize custom fields to keep ticket data organized and neat.
Email Notifications
Create custom email notifications for each step leveraging any of the data available.
Custom Permissions
Set detailed access levels to control who sees what.

3.6M+ service tickets tracked in Blue.

Businesses all over the world use Blue to track their service tickets. They report better visibility, faster resolution times, and happier customers.

"With Blue, our entire process is streamlined—intake forms make it easy for staff and students to submit tickets, and smart routing ensures the right person handles each request quickly. The custom analytics feature helps us monitor trends and improve our services. Our response times have improved drastically, and our staff can now focus more on what they do best."

Gabi Faja-Holmes
CEO of Soundskool

Create your own custom processes for managing tickets.

Every organization is different. With Blue, you can create your own custom workflow that fits your organization like a glove.

Easy to understand
Use your own terminology and process steps.
Faster ticket processing
Move service tickets through your process faster.
Customized Alerts
Decide exactly when and how to get notified.
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Capture exactly the data that you need.

Use custom fields to manage structured data at scale.

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Single Line Text.
A free text field to add any data you need.
Add any URL you need and open it in a new tab in one click.
Choose from dozens of currencies to track your money.
Add multiple files to have a more structured data set.
Get a list of countries that you can select.
Pick any start and end date. Add time and show it on a calendar.
Single & Multi Select.
Create a list and select any items for each record.
Unique ID.
Create a unique ID that you can use to reference records.
Long Text.
A large space to add multi-line text descriptions.
Phone Number.
Automatically formatted phone numbers and one-click calls.
Add structured emails into our dedicated email field.
Add a checkbox that you can use for approvals.
Add numbers with min and max values.
Add a percentage indicator to any record in Blue.
Reference records from other projects.
Lookup data from other records in reference fields.
Calculate the duration of time between events.
Add location data that will then show up on the map view.

Award-Winning Service Ticket Management

Our service ticket management solutions have been recognized for excellence and are trusted by leading organizations worldwide. Streamline your processes, improve resolution times, and enhance customer satisfaction with our award-winning tools.


Create intake forms to simplify service ticket creation.

Leverage intake forms with custom fields to ensure you capture all the data you need with custom intake forms.

Powerful Options.
Drag-and-drop any form fields - text, dropdowns, file uploads, and more.
Branded Experience with QR Codes.
Customize colors, logos, and styling to make forms your own and share them as QR codes.
No Coding Required.
Our intuitive interface makes form building accessible to anyone.
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Send custom email notifications.

Leverage email automations to create tailored emails based on any updates to the tickets.

Thank you emails.
Instantly send confirmation thank you emails when a customer submits a ticket.
Internal notification emails.
Alert the right people at the right time depending on ticket status, workflow area, and more.
Completion emails
Email the original submitter a confirmation once a ticket has been completed.
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Boost your productivity. Start using Blue today.

Blue organizes work, ensuring teams know what to do, how to do it — and why it matters.

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Smart routing with automations.

Stay in control and reduce routine administration work with advanced automations.

Ticket routing.
Route tickets to the right person based on category, status, and more.
AI categorization.
Let our advanced AI algorithms automatically categorize tickets based on their content.
Automatic SOPs
Ensure it gets done the right way by automatically adding checklists to service tickets based on predefined standards.
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Generate key insights with real-time dashboards and reports.

Don't just handle service tickets, gain insights to get to the root cause and reduce total volumes.

Instant Overview.
View key metrics quickly. Data is summarized to sharpen focus and track progress.
Real-Time Updates.
Monitor changes as they occur. Always be informed with the latest data.
Visually Engaging.
Bold and clear design. Stat cards highlight critical numbers for quick assessment.
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Boost your productivity.
Start using Blue today.

Blue organizes work so teams know what to do,
how to do it — and why it matters.

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