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Organizations all over the globe use Blue to keep organised, whether that's hiring people, reviewing sales, or running projects.

Process Enablement.

👀 Get organized. Track everything.

Go from all over the place, to one place. Add your processes to Blue and gain instant visibility into who's doing what.

Sales CRM.

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Blue was ranked in the top ten CRMs by the International Business Times — and for good reasons too. Easily keep track of deals and stay organized.

Project Management.

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Organizations that use Blue report 84% improvements in project success. Not surprising, given that they can finally see everything that needs to be done, all in one place.


🙋🏽 Get the right ones in.

Use Blue to automatically track every stage of your hiring process, and to build a database of candidates for the future.


💡 Go from idea to reality in record time.

Track your marketing initiatives across channels, campaigns, and more. Sync your marketing calendar to your personal calendar to stay on top of everything.