🕺🏽 6,000+ Happy Customers.

Thousands of organizations trust Blue for the mission-critical work.

🌎 120+ Countries.

Blue is used in every continent across the world.

💼 100,000+ Projects.

Run sales, marketing, recruitment — anything!

The award-winning platform designed for those that simply need to get things done.

🤯 Blue takes the headache out of managing work.

Whether you're launching a website, running sales, or hiring people — you can do it faster and better with Blue as your one source of truth.

Platform overview

🗂️ Workspaces.

Create a space for every projects, with all the tools you need.

✅ Process Boards.

Visualize the process to keep work moving forwards.

📆 Calendars.

Plan and track months ahead, and sync with your favorite providers.

🗄️ Databases.

Filters, sort, and splice your data to get the insights you need.

💡 Custom Fields.

Map out your data structure right within Blue.

🤖 Automations.

Let Blue  automate routine work so you can focus on what matters.

🔔 Notifications.

Create detailed alerts to stay informed.

📂 Templates.

Create templates to simplify common processes.

📄 Forms.

Get data into Blue using customizable forms.

🧭 Maps.

View your data geographically. Filter and search to find what you need.

🤫 White Label.

Use Blue with your brand, including your own domain.

🧐 Audit Logs.

Everything in Blue is meticulously logged for review.

"After 30 years in project management I have discovered Blue —and it is is blowing me away. The user interface is fantastic, simple to use and so easy to understand." @lorenzo56


Think of a process.
Blue can handle it.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes use Blue for a wider variety of use cases. From sales, procurement, hiring, and marketing to managing stand-alone projects.

Process Enablement.

Simplify and scale every process in your organization with automations, assignments, and notifications.

Sales CRM.

Over $1B in sales are tracked through Blue, and we've been ranked in the top #10 CRMs by the International Business Times.


Use Blue to build a candidate database, where you can easily track application and have every detail at your fingertips.

Project Work.

Whether you're designing a new website, organizing an event, or planning a marketing campaign, Blue can help you stay organized — headache free.

🤑 A revolutionary model that breaks industry norms.

No penalty for growth. We offer a fixed price with unlimited usage so you can expand your organization without worry.

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🤝 Our mission is to organise the world's work.

We're a team of passionate designers, engineers, and strategists who believe that technology can help people work better, together.

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