This is what we are currently working on. If you have feature suggestions, please join our community.

Dashboards & Reports.

Create interactive dashboards and report on cross-project data. Share these reports via public links to anyone outside of Blue.

Custom Permissions.

Define project permissions at a granular level including by list, tag, or only items assigned to that person. The possibilities are endless.

Formulas & Calculations.

Create custom fields that calculate values based on other custom fields.

Company Map View.

View all todos across the entire company in a map.

Automation: Send Emails.

A new trigger for automations that enables you to send email from Blue.

Gantt Charts.

A new view for todos. Plan your projects in a visual manner with a drag and drop timeline.


Get data out of Blue and create triggers to external tools by using Blue webhooks.

Real-time Documents.

Each project will have an infinite scroll realtime document that can serve as a wiki to store information and collaborate.

Public Boards.

Share your entire board as a read-only link to anyone — regardless of whether they have a Blue account or not.

Customizable Todo Cards.

You will be able to choose what you want to show on your todo cards in the board. Add or remove assignees, tags, due dates to create the precise look you need. Also, you will be able to add custom fields to the cards.

Improved Person Page.

When you click on someone's name, you'll be presented with an improved profile page that shows not only the activity history of the person, but also what todos are currently assigned to them in projects that you both share.