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Say hello to the best AppSumo deal you'll pick up in 2024. Blue is the last project management platform you will ever need to buy.


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Powering the world's best project managers.

From startups โ†’ enterprise

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The modern way to manage projects.

Blue is your one source of truthโ€”making work easier, faster, and better. You get access to all features, with no limits on AI or file storageโ€”for real.

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View work your way
Kanban, Database, Calendar, Gantt Charts, Lists, and Maps.
Tailored to you
Pick from dozens of field types to match your data structure.
Get rid of admin work
Streamline workflows with powerful if-this-then-that automations.
Work from anywhere
Mac, Windows, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, and PWA.
Private & secure
Define granular access permissions for different team roles.
Make informed decisions
Create real-time customizable dashboards, combining data across projects.

๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ 1,000+ Happy Sumo-lings ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ

โ€œShould you buy it? HECK YES!!! 20 tacos. This is the easiest, fastest and nicest UI interface and project management software. I love how simple it is to use and set up. I found this better and easier than Trello or any of the other programs โ€” Best money ever. โ€

The Writer

โ€œThey understand Sumo-lings. They came out swinging with a great product and a deal that is impossible to decline. No penny pinching, customer centric, making sure they succeed at a long term relationship from the start. The team at Blue gets it.โ€


โ€œPERFECT!!! Been using this for one day and I am already in love! So glad that I found this productivity tool. Beats all other ones out of the water!!! It's everything you need without unnecessary bells and whistles.โ€




โ€œHIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Blue's team communication and genuine interest in constantly bringing new features and improvements to the platform was what attracted me the most. I feel that they care more about the users than the money. โ€


โ€œSo Simple. So Clean. Must have if you want your business to be highly organized and digitally transformed even if you have a low-tech setting.โ€


โ€œEasy Client Management Portal! I've used different apps that are similar to Blue, but I found that they are lacking some things or they complicated to use โ€” Blue is perfect for me โ€


โ€œSo easy that my High School students are using it! I fell in love with this product. Absolutely beautiful, simple and does NOT overwhelm at all. It actually inspires me to use it. This is a product I support 10000000%โ€


โ€œI LOVE THIS APP!! I bought the maximum codes. They knew what we wanted and gave it to us. This is what an Appsumo deal should look like, These creators care about our user experience and it shows. Great job Blue and Appsumo! โ€


โ€œBlue is the result you'd get if Maree Condo fixed PM tools. Simple and sublime. Blue has solved a need I had for a tool I could use with staff ranging in ages from 18 to 75.โ€


โ€œWorks great! Blue is very intuitive and actually a joy to use. The user interface is beautifully designed which is important to me for a tool that I use every day.โ€


120+ Countries

Global Reach

Blue is used in every continent across the world.

6,500+ Organizations

Mission Critical

Thousands of organizations trust Blue for mission-critical work.

350,000+ Projects

Flexible Processes

Run sales, marketing, recruitment, operations โ€” anything!

3 Reasons Blue is one of the top rated AppSumo deals.

We've welcomed 1,000+ Sumo-lings back in 2021. Now we're back with the same great deal โ€” with dozens of new features.


A ridiculously good platform.

We designed Blue to scratch our own itch. We got fed up with clunky, expensive software and wanted something that was simple, powerful, and flexible.

Faster onboarding.
Get your team up and running in hours, not weeks or months.
Less training.
Spend less time training and more time doing the work that counts.
Higher adoption.
The right platform is half the battle. The other half is getting teams to use it.
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A great deal โ€” The AppSumo way.

We're here for the long haul. Join us, get a great deal, and share your feedback to improve our platform โ€” then help us spread the word.

Save Money.
Save tens of thousands per year for a mid-sized company.
No surprises.
No extra sneaky charges, and you get access to ALL features.
Generously free.
Customers, vendors, and comment/view only roles are free and unlimited.
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We think long term

We've been working on Blue for 7 years, and we're just getting started. We've supported previous AppSumo customers for over four years.

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Rest assured that we are staying in business for decades to come.
We own our own company. Not something every software company can say.
Monthly Releases
We have released features every month like clockwork since the first line of code.

Boost your productivity. Start using Blue today.

Blue organizes work, ensuring teams know what to do, how to do it โ€” and why it matters.

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The award-winning platform you can trust.

Blue has been internationally recognized as the platform to trust for mission-critical work.


Boost your productivity.
Start using Blue today.

Blue organizes work so teams know what to do,
how to do it โ€” and why it matters.

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