This is what our customers say about Blue.
What will you and your team say?

"In the past, we were struggling with managing projects which  involved  third party vendors and suppliers because our existing tools were complicated to set up and operate.  Since we started using Blue, it is much easier to manage these projects. The multi-language feature, which has Vietnamese, is a BIG plus."

Dong Truong
Head of IT, Nam Kim Joint Stock Company

“All our retail locations use Blue to keep track of customer enquiries, and this gives the head office real-time insights. We also use Blue to manage our marketing calendar and work with third parties such as designers and constructors, which means we have a clear record of what's happened."

Gabriele Faja-Holmes
CEO, Soundskool Music

“Blue impressed us from the start and has become our go to tool for project management, internal communication and lead capture. It has replaced a combination of other, more expensive, tools we used previously. With its user friendly interface, ever expanding set of features and great price point  it was a no-brainer for us. A must have!"

Louis du Pisani
Founder, Kreatif Kouki

"I'm like a magnet to project management systems - I don't even want to think of how many I've paid for!  The best thing about Blue is the UI, it's exactly what I've been looking for, super easy to set up, logical, and customers can pick it up immediately."


"Blue is everything I wanted from Trello, and more. Easy, simple, organized, no excess rubbish. Customers need zero help using it. Blue is a 10/10. Native App is fantastic and the automations are a real bonus, and as expected - easy!"


"Blue exceed our expectations to the point where our organization migrated from ClickUp to use Blue after doing the free trial and it was the best decision we ever made! Blue has a beautiful UI and simplistic interfaces which makes it easier for clients and new team members to browse the platform without much complexity."


"Trello & Basecamp done right in 2021. No demos are necessary. If your team is comfy with Trello, Blue is just as straightforward. The features make sense for a project and aren't overly ambitious or cluttered.

It's legit cross-platform — The whole thing just makes so much sense."


"Blue is a must-have productivity tool!

I love the simplicity and easy of use of this app. Everything is awesome."

"This is great — I do not need to do any training or make training videos for members or clients on how to use Blue. Perfect for any sort of project management, or even for your own personal daily weekly to do list!

Must have if you want your business to be highly organized."


"We have been struggling in the quest to find the right system and functionality without also breaking the bank. We have tried many PM systems, many of which didn't fit our exact needs, and some which we really liked but couldn't afford to scale across our team. Blue is striking a nice balance. Blue customer service response time is great! "


"Blue is soo simple and easy to use, everything is straightforward and up to point. You can get up and running immediately after the on-boarding, no tutorial or guides are needed!

Sadly, I wasted a lot of time and money hopping from one PM tool to another and never knew about this tool. Now I am set!"


"Finally, a project management system that I can actually use!

I've tried out most of the popular project management platforms around. For my business needs, they've never hit the mark.

Blue gets the balance just right for my needs. The mobile app is particularly good."


"Amazing! I've gone down the rabbit hole of team/project management apps. I've found them to be cumbersome, not intuitive and expensive. We would start off with the best of intentions and dwindle away.
THIS product is amazing!!!

Set it up easily with a minimum of poking around."


"Couldn't be simpler! I always had a fear to use project management software until Blue came up with a radical new way to manage client projects. Blue has all the features that you would ever need in an easy-to-use format. Support is super prompt and the future is bright. Highly recommend this tool to anyone out there."



Me and my team of 5 peolple have been using Blue for more than a month now and I can tell it's great.

It has all we need at this point and, for the price it is the best option out there."


"Comprehensive but simple, it's a no brainer!

I have tried a ton of different project managers in the past couple of years. Never found one that really was intuitive to use on a daily basis.

The interface itself is nice and fast to use. Gives you a lot of freedom to incorporate into your workflow."


"Amazing asset for any company!

I am super happy to have invested in Blue which is a much-appreciated asset for our startup.

I switched from Trello to Blue and never looked back. Blue has a much better design and the cost does not scale up when you add more users. "


"I can't even find the words for how much I love Blue. I tried so many apps searching for the perfect one (Trello, ClickUp, Asana, SmartTask, etc.) but Blue is the only one that could do everything I needed WITHOUT confusing the heck out of my clients.

This was super important because if I can't get my clients to use my system, then I'm back to searching endless email trails!"


"Most Intuitive PM App!

I have used and evaluated a few PM apps and Blue has the shortest learning curve because the UI just makes perfect sense.

The primary reason I bought it is because it is very easy for my clients too and one of them is already considering buying it for themselves!"


"Blue is AWESOME!.

I've tried other so-called productivity to-do apps but they were just either way overkill and/or too complicated to use and just didn't fit my needs and workflow.

Blue has a very nice UI and just the features I need.


"Love it for ease of use!

I've tried several different project management systems but this is the one we've settled on.

I found ClickUp clunky, and in contrast I love that Blue has a simple to use interface and does everything we need it to do to manage projects."


"Luckily, I found the balance of simplicity and functionality with Blue!

The team was able to grasp the concept of how the tool can organize our work as a team, in just 30 minutes of online training!"


"Super-clean, yet powerful. And VERY pleasing to the eye! Blue is great! So much cleaner & simpler than pretty much all the others.

Thank you for this beautiful piece of software! Such a rare find & gem — and so aesthetically pleasing to sit in front of for a long time.Many other systems are crazy complicated/scattered in comparison."


"The App is simple to use and gives a lot of features to make sure we can run/manage our projects with ease. The Blue team's communication and genuine interest in keep bringing new features and improvements to the platform was what attracted me the most. I felt like they care more about the user's than their money. I highly recommend them!"


"I LOVE THIS APP! . They knew what we wanted and gave it to us.

I have gone through so many productivity software and this one will be the king for me.

These creators care about our user experience and it shows. Great job team Blue!"


"This is great! So simple that my clients may actually use it!

Loving Blue so far. I'm currently testing different Boards to decide what I'll go with once I start onboarding clients.

I love how simple it is, yet has all the important things."


"Super Easy and Understandable by All!

We already started onboarding clients and haven't even had to show them how to use the app.

It's so simple and understandable. I really like everything about Blue and I cannot recommend it enough!"


" Very Impressed With Blue. I've used a fair share of project management tools in my day. So far I really like Blue. It has a very good blend of functionality while not trying to do everything (which a lot of project management software can suffer from).

I really see Blue working well for agencies and teams. Great communication capabilities, accountability and project management tools. Looking forward to how Blue grows and develops as a tool and company.


"Easy Client Management Portal! Blue makes client collaboration easy, even with clients that are super busy and often forget to reply to my emails!

This is just like Trello but with added features but I found it easier here in Blue to manage different projects.

I've used different apps that are similar to Blue, but I found that they are lacking some things or they complicated to use, which makes Blue perfect for our team.


"Love it! I am very new to project management tools and I love how simple Blue is to get things organized.

I tried Trello and it's a pain in the ass — too complex for me when I just need things to be organized and the ability to have all my employees and clients to communicate better.

Best part is, Blue is way cheaper and practical than other PM tools out there."


"Five stars! Simplicity is the key!

I am been looking for a simple but yet powerful tool to use in my business. I tried ClickUp, Trello, Asana and other tools which are very complex and we need to spend hours and hours learning them.

Blue is a dream come true for my business. I like how simply I can get the job done with Blue. Anyone in my team can start using it without hours of training!"


"Blue? Pheww! Project management tools make me cry. They always try to do a million things at once while I need a PM tool to help me make sense of it all, rather than forcing me up a learning curve before I can even get started.

Blue wasn't like that. At all.

I bought it, activated it, and within a half an hour had imported all of my Trello boards and Google sheets and was gleefully assigning tasks."


"Wow! So lets just say that after 30 year in project management, software development, Blue is blowing me away. Its user interface is fantastic and simple to use and understand.

The functionality and usability is fantastic for those medium to advanced project managers in similar sized companies.

Congrats to a lean and talented team of people that have hit a grand slam in baseball terms!"


"Blue's simplicity is what makes this PM tool attractive. My clients will love it. Login, check the todo's, make comments, upload files and logoff.

No long tutorial needed, no spending time hunting around the tool for the info they need."


"Works great!

We have been using Blue for a couple of weeks now and are very happy with it.

Finally a project management tool that isn't clunky and bloated but as easy to use as Asana."


"Blue is the result you'd get if Marie Condo fixed PM tools.

Blue has solved a need I had for a tool I could use with staff ranging in ages from 18 to 75!"


"Simple, but perfect!

No file upload limits and can play videos directly in the app, it's really cool and I'm happy to find BloBlueo!"


"So simple and easy to use!  

I especially love the automation part and have been spending a lot of time working on setting up scenarios in my projects.

I'm going to use this with everything I do!"


"I am skeptic about project management tools as I look for a tool that balances the ease of use and intuitive understanding with features. Blue is a tool that can grow with me and I don't have to constantly worry about running out of users or other limits"


"I like a magnet to project management systems — I don't even want to think of how many I've paid for!

The best thing about Blue is the UI, it's exactly what I've been looking for, super easy to set up, logical, and customers can pick it up immediately.

Give it a go, I think you'll like what you see :)"


"Project Management on Easy Mode! Its a beautiful, clean and simple List + KanBan + Calendar Creator.

The straight forward approach executed beautifully and I love the dark mode! App performance is fast, and feels ready for heavy use. No issues with data saving or syncing. The unlimited file uploads feature is awesome for teams, and works flawlessly.


"In Love! 

Loved the simplicity, minimalism and design of Blue.

A must-have if you are not that tech-savvy or have non-tech-savvy customers."


"Blue exceed our expectations to the point where our organization migrated from Click up to use Blue after doing the free trial and it was the best decision we ever made!

Blue has a beautiful UI and simplistic interfaces which makes it easier for clients and new team members to browse the platform without much complexity."


"I used Basecamp for some time, but have to say that Blue is easier and faster.

I especially like the board view left to right view, which isn’t available on other software. The cost is also much lower.

Filtering and labels on board view is a masterpiece, not comparable with others software"


"Straight to the point! This is probably the fourth attempt I've had at using 'team management software'. Often they tend to add more confusion! Or more admin!

I must admit Blue has impressed by being a straight shooter.

Clean setup & an easy to navigate interface are big wins."


"I love Blue!

It's simplicity makes it my choice for project management software. Other PM is too complicated, which makes it really difficult for our clients to use.

Some clients are not techy so we have to use a very simple and straight forward solution, which Blue provides!"


"Excellent platform!

After having used this platform for several months, looking at the roadmap that is currently being executed along with future add-ons, I can say nothing but great things about Blue.

But most of all, the management team is very responsive at a speed I haven't see often.


"Blue has changed the  the way I work with my clients.

It speeds up my project workflows, and it is one of the best software purchases I have ever made ! Use it every day and it is improving every month !

I really love Blue and my customers get easily on board !


Work Better, Together.

From the small stuff to the big picture, Blue organizes work so teams are clear on what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.