Advanced Project Management Automation

Discover Blue's new automation features designed to streamline project management workflows, enhance efficiency, and improve productivity.

July 8, 2022

Advanced Project Management Automation

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to Blue's capabilities with the launch of our robust Automations feature. Designed to streamline your project workflows and boost efficiency, this new functionality positions Blue as a leader in project management automation.

Key Features of Project Management Automation in Blue

1. Seamless Automation Workflow

Blue's automation framework is built around the principle of "When this happens, then do that," allowing you to create dynamic and responsive project workflows.

  • Triggers ("When"): Define events that initiate automations. Examples include the completion of a record, changes in record assignees, or updates to custom fields. These triggers ensure that automations are responsive to the precise needs of your project at every stage.
  • Actions ("Then"): Specify the actions to be performed when a trigger is activated. Actions can range from sending notifications and updating record fields to creating new tasks and changing the status of records. This flexibility allows you to tailor workflows to your specific project requirements.

2. Unlimited Automations

Unlike many other project management systems, Blue imposes no limits on the number of automations you can create or how frequently they can be triggered each month. This ensures maximum flexibility and scalability for your project management needs, enabling you to automate processes without any constraints.

3. Conditional Automations

Enhance the precision of your workflows with conditional automations that activate only when multiple criteria are met. For example, you can set an automation to trigger only when a task reaches a certain process step and has a specific tag. This level of specificity ensures that automations are relevant and precise, enhancing the efficiency of your project management.

4. Cross-Project Automation

Blue supports unique automations that can move or copy records between projects. This feature is particularly beneficial for workflows that span multiple teams or departments, ensuring seamless project management across different areas of your organization. Automations can be designed to handle complex workflows that involve multiple projects, ensuring that tasks are efficiently managed and tracked.

5. Role-Based Management

To maintain control and consistency, only Project Administrators can create and manage automations. This ensures that automations are thoughtfully crafted and aligned with the project's goals and strategies. However, all team members can view active automations, promoting transparency and collective awareness of the automated processes in place.

6. Infinite Loop Protection

To prevent system overloads and ensure stable operations, Blue’s automations are designed to avoid infinite loops. One automation cannot trigger another, ensuring predictable system behavior. Future updates will introduce an infinite-loop detection system, allowing for more complex automation chaining while maintaining system stability.

Available Triggers for Project Management Automation

Triggers are the events that initiate automations. Some of the key triggers include:

  • New Record Creation: Activates when a new record is added to a project, ideal for initiating follow-up actions or notifications.
  • Record Completion: Triggers when a record's status is updated to 'complete', signaling the end of a task.
  • Assignee Changes: Activates when a new assignee is added to a record or an existing assignee is removed, ensuring responsibility is clearly managed.
  • Due Date Changes: Triggers when the due date of a record is altered or removed, critical for managing deadlines.
  • Tag Modifications: Activates when tags are added or removed from a record, helping in the categorization and tracking of tasks.
  • Checklist Updates: Triggers when items in a checklist are marked complete or incomplete, ensuring sub-tasks are properly tracked.
  • Cross-Project Record Movements: Activates when a record is moved or copied from one project to another, useful for managing cross-project workflows.
  • Custom Field Changes: Triggers when data in custom fields is added or removed, indicating changes in specific task details.

Available Actions for Project Management Automation

Once a trigger is activated, Blue can perform various actions, such as:

  • Moving or Copying Records: Relocate or duplicate records to different lists or projects, facilitating workflow continuity across different areas.
  • Changing Record Statuses: Mark records as complete or incomplete, reflecting the progress of tasks.
  • Assigning or Unassigning Users: Manage task ownership by adding or removing assignees, ensuring clear responsibility.
  • Updating Due Dates: Adjust due dates to keep timelines accurate and manageable.
  • Managing Tags: Add or remove tags to reflect changes in task attributes or priorities.
  • Checklist Management: Mark checklist items as complete or incomplete, or create new checklists to break down tasks.
  • Sending Emails: Trigger email notifications to keep team members informed of important updates.
  • Custom Field Adjustments: Insert or remove data in custom fields to maintain accurate and relevant task information.

With these advanced automation capabilities, Blue empowers you to optimize your project management processes, reducing manual effort and enhancing productivity. Automations in Blue are designed to adapt to your unique workflow needs, ensuring that your projects are managed efficiently and effectively.

For a detailed guide on setting up and using automations, please refer to our Automations Documentation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Blue's project management automation features, and enjoy using project automations to improve your project and process management!

Team Blue.