Unleash your data with the Blue API.

Blue's API offers unparalleled flexibility and control over your data. With 100% coverage, you can programmatically access and manage every aspect of Blue. Our powerful GraphQL API empowers developers to build custom integrations, automate workflows, and connect Blue with your existing tools and platforms.

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Modernize Your Enterprise with Blue API.

Navigate the complexities of modern business with a central source of truth. The Blue API liberates you from vendor lock-in, granting the freedom to innovate and integrate on your terms.

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Read Data.
Access unified insights, ensuring you're always informed.
Write Data.
Seamlessly import and synchronize data from external systems into Blue.
Stream Data.
Listen for changes and receive real-time updates, keeping your systems in sync.

API Sandbox.

Every Blue account comes with an API Sandbox where you or your developers can run queries, explore the GraphQL API, and download documentation.

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Explore the documentation.

View sample queries, videos, and practical examples of how to leverage the Blue API to create integrations and custom reports.

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Frequently asked questions