Platform Overview.

Blue is versatile enough to power any process. Our first principles approach to digital transformation gives you all the tools you need to work — your way.  


Blue is designed to be easy to use by anyone, without any training.


Shape Blue around your processes, not the other around.

On Brand.

Blue can run on your domain, making you look great.

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Use records to track anything. From a literal list of things to get done, all way to tracking inventory, invoices, and documents — the possibilities are endless.

Custom Fields.

Extend your records. Add geolocation, tagging, unique IDs, names, email, dates, selects to map your data structure. You name it, we've got it.


Automate tedious tasks and create custom workflows tailored to your needs — so you can focus on the work that truly matters.

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Visual Database.

Eliminate the tedious details and explore your database. Visualize and dissect your data quickly to find what you need.


Plan your projects and processes with Blue calendars to get a clear overview of what's happening in your organization — then identify bottlenecks before they arise.

Activity & Audit Trail.

Blue creates transparency on what's happened. Monitor activities across workspaces and hold people responsible.


Blue provides unlimited file storage, enabling you to store and access all your files in one place.

Wiki & Docs

Collaborate in realtime to build key documentation right within your workspaces. This helps spread organizational knowledge and document processse.


Visualize your data on a world map. Track customers, delivery addresses, and other real-world items with ease.


We don't send any data to Google for analysis. Your data stays yours.


Use all the filters and search as you would in any other record view.


Create a organizational map of every record that has a location.


Blue keeps you informed of important matters without overloading your inbox and phone. You have the flexibility to adjust your settings and stay in control.


Blue provides an Application Programming Interface (API) so you can easily build, extend, and integrate features and actions into your own applications.


Connect Blue to 1,000+ applications with a few clicks.

Blue links to more than 1,000 popular work applications, so you can import your data quickly and easily.  This allows you to connect your data from multiple sources and get a comprehensive view of your organization.

There's more.

Mobile Apps.

You can view and edit data on the go with our iOS and Android apps.

Dark Mode.

Working at night? Use dark mode and reduce eye strain.

Workspace Templates.

Build templates to reuse for common processes.


Freeze workspaces once they are completed, and go back any time.


Everything in Blue is instantly searchable.


Request updates from team members on a regular schedule.


Remind yourself on a custom schedule for any record.

Workplace Folders.

Organize your workplaces in a way that makes sense to you.

Organizational Branding.

Completely remove Blue branding and use your own branding.