Blue enables enterprises to jumpstart digital transformation.

Say goodbye to Excel sheets and paper processes. Blue enables Enterprises to track any process and jumpstart their digital transformation.

Enterprise Platform.

Blue provides the building blocks for Digital Transformation. 

Map any process in your organization in Blue and you have instant digitization. You'll know who's doing what, by when.

Custom Agreement.

Get a custom agreement to fit your business requirements.

World Class Support.

Our team is available to train and onboard you, anytime.

Dashboards & Reports.

Run custom reports across workspaces and share them as public links.

Granular Permissions.

Customize permissions down to the last detail.

Global Database.

Data redundency by having your data across multiple geographic regions.

Advanced Automations

Send emails and SMS, and even trigger events in external applications.

Platform Access.

Get full API and Webhooks access to leverage the platform to the limit.

Cross-Reference Data.

Cross reference your data between workspaces.

Run Calculations.

Use formulas to run calculations automatically based on your data.

Unlimited Storage.

Never worry about running out of storage, Blue scales up to handle all your data.

EKM Security.

Use Enterprise Key Management to encrypt data with your secret key.

100% On Brand.

Complete white label Blue with your own logo and domain.

Blue Enterprise helps you

Blue enables Enterprises to track anything. Ditch the excel sheets and paper processes, and cost-effectively digitally transform your operations in days, not years.

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