Make the world better, together.

The Blue4Good fund supports organizations and individuals that make the world a better place, so that they can work more effectively — and do more good.

100% Free.

Blue4Good is providing up to 10,000  licenses, with an annual value of $5M, to organizations across four key verticals that we believe are important.


Helping those less fortunate is a noble cause, and we want to ensure that funds are spent directly.


Non-profit organizations can create the social fabric of communities, and focus on neglected areas.


Education is critical for making the world a better place, and we know that teachers are super heroes.

Open Source

We  leverage open-source software to build Blue, and so we want to give back to the community.

How it Works.

1. Create free trial

Create a new Blue organization and fill up your organizational and personal information.

2. Submit Application

Submit your application, and ensure that you include as much detail as possible.  Please submit with your official organizational email if you have one.

3. Review

Your application will be reviewed by our team within 24-48 hours.

4. Clarification

If we have questions on your application, we will reach out via email or phone.

5. Confirmation

We will confirm your application and upgrade your free trial into an unlimited lifetime account.

6. Make the world better!

Use Blue to collaborate better and achieve more, and please remember to write to us to tell us how it is helping you make the world a better place!

Make the world better, together.

Submitting an application takes only a few minutes, and you can have your 100% free Blue license within 48 hours to help you do more good.


Key Terms

  • Usual T&Cs Apply. By using Blue, you still agree to our Privacy Policy, and understand that you must abide to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Only non-profit educational institutes. For education institutions, this fund is only available for non-profit education institutions or individual professors/teachers. If you are a for-profit educational institute, you can still email us for a discount on the regular license ;)
  • Absolutely no reselling. The Blue organizational account that has the lifetime license applied can only be used by institution that applied, plus their partners and vendors. Any accounts that are resold to other parties will be immediately suspended.
  • Lack of Usage. We monitor account usage, and if accounts under the Blue4Good fund are inactive for more than 3 months, we make revoke the free license to allow for another organization to make better use of the free license.